An Ice Qube for Emergencies?

An Ice Qube for Emergencies?
With hurricane season quickly approaching we thought we would look into some safety items for preparedness. With Urban Lime being home grown in Florida, we have lots of encounters with hurricanes and always find ourselves hurrying to get those last minute items to be ready for a storm.

Hurricanes, unlike many natural disasters, come with plenty of anticipation and warning. We get a good 3+ day warning when a bad storm is headed our way. What tends to happen is that we tend to procrastinate and leave everything till the last day. This means you will be at your local hardware/grocery store picking up the same items that a mob of other people are getting to be read -- things like canned foods, water, and batteries.

While looking for preparedness items before the upcoming storm season we came across the Ice-Qube Luxe Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Survival Kit made by Ice-Qube. Ice-Qube Luxe is a top of the line product in the disaster preparedness area. The system provides premium rescue, survival, first aid, hygiene and comfort products for an entire family.

The nicest thing about the Ice-Qube Luxe is that it all comes in a handy little box. It is very well organized and takes advantage of every inch of space in the Qube. The Ice-Qube Luxe exceeds the U.S. Home Security guidelines for home emergency preparedness. It will provide food, water and essential rescue and survival supplies for up to 4 people for 72 hours. It is amazing that they were able to pack all that stuff into this little box. The Ice-Qube can be used for virtually any natural disaster preparedness such as tornadoes and earthquakes, not just hurricanes.

Contents include:Eton AM/FM FR150 Emergency Radio with built in cell phone charger/hand crank & solar panel,
Mag Light, Flashlight, Lantern 2, Extra Batteries, Light, Sticks, 12 Hour Candle, Waterproof Matches, Rope, Hammer, Collapsible Shovel, Pliers/Shut Off Tool, Fire Extinguisher, Safety Goggles, Scissors, Whistle, Work Gloves, Super Glue, Tarp/Tube Tent, Marker, Multi-Tool, Mylar Blankets 4, Plastic Sheeting 14?14x26, Duct Tape, Alarm Clock, Face Shield, , First Aid Kit, , Bandages, Band aids, Antiseptic Towelettes, Eye Wash , Heat Therapy Pads , Aspirin , Ibuprofen , Thermometer , Potassium Iodine Tablets , Antacid , anti-diarrhea , Cold Pack , Electrolyte Powder Drink, Food Bars 12, Almonds , Jelly , Crackers , Peanut Butter , Raisins 6, Tuna 8, Dried Fruit, Water 10 1.5 Liter Bottles, Powdered Milk , Plate2 , Utility Sets 4, og Food , Lifesavers , Energy Pills , Can Opener, Hand Sanitizer , Insect Repellent , Tissues , Toilet Paper , Toothbrush 4, Toothpaste , Dental Floss , Breath Strips , Deodorant , Diapers, Wet Wipes , Baby Powder , Lip Moisturizing Stick , Tampons , Soap , Razor , Comb/Brush/Mirror , Condoms , Sunscreen Shampoo , Shaving Cream , Garbage Bags, Rain Poncho 4, Socks ? 2 pairs , Pad , Pen Sewing it , Hand Heating Packets 4, Battery Operated handheld Fan, Disposable Camera Harmonica , Jacks , Playing Cards , Puzzle Books , Waterproof Document Packet.

Weight: 99lbs

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