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Sponsor Urban Lime

Your sponsorship request was submitted successfully. You will receive an email from us soon. Like everything else on Urban Lime, our sponsorship program is simple. Simplicity means affordability.

This is what you get
Your banner will appear in each page of the blog (index page, invididual entry, and reviews). On each page, up to 10 banners are displayed at a time (one banner per sponsor). Additionally, you'll get placed in our list of sponsors section.

What it costs
$5 a week with a minimum of four weeks and a maximum of eight weeks.

What you provide
A banner: 120 width x 180 height, in jpg or gif format.
The name of your company or product.
The link when someone clicks on your banner.
Payment via Paypal.

A small note
Program is subject to change at anytime as we fine tune it to better serve you and our readers. You'll have the option to opt out should changes happen to the sponsorship program with a full refund for unused days.

Still have questions?
Fill out our contact form and we'll respond as quickly as humanly possible.

Ready Freddy?
Submit your artwork below along with all the necessary information and if approved, we'll send you an invoice to your email for payment.




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