Upright Go

Upright Go
The UPRIGHT GO Posture Corrector, styled for comfort and effectiveness, is a strapless solution placed discreetly on your upper back. This innovative device prompts you to maintain proper posture through gentle real-time vibrations, with an impressive 92% posture improvement reported by 8 out of 10 users in less than two weeks!

The accompanying Upright app creates a tailored training plan, setting daily posture goals to strengthen your back and heighten awareness of slouching. This personalized regimen leads to long-term posture benefits and overall improvement.

For precise insight, the UPRIGHT GO attaches directly to your back, delivering accurate measurements and feedback via the Upright app. Track your progress, compare your upright versus slouched posture, and receive a daily upright score to monitor your growth over time.

Switching to a vibration-free tracking mode post-training session allows continuous posture monitoring throughout the day, aiding in gradual improvement. Note, the UPRIGHT GO isn't waterproof, so avoid water contact with the USB port or during sweat-inducing activities to prevent potential device detachment.

Included in the package: the UPRIGHT GO posture device, a travel case, USB charging cable, 9 hypoallergenic medical-grade adhesives, and a user manual. Access the iOS or Android app for free to enhance your posture journey.

The Positive:
- Effective posture improvement reported by users.
- Personalized training plan for sustained benefits.
= Precise measurements and progress tracking for informed posture correction.

The Negative:

- Not waterproof; caution needed to avoid water contact.
- Adhesives may not withstand sweat-inducing activities.
Get your own Upright Go on Amazon.

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