Rhoades Car the 4-wheel bike that drives like a car!

Rhoades Car the 4-wheel bike that drives like a car!
The Rhoades Car a human powered vehicle is about as green as it can get when it comes to transportation. Available in many styles the Rhoades car is geared to turn some heads. It is useful for recreation, exercise, fun and business. There are one, two, and four passenger versions each with a distinctive look and feel. Rhoades cars are recumbent bikes which mean that the drivers and passengers ride in a seated position with a backrest. The bikes all have four wheels so they drive like a car, some of them featuring headlights or even a basket which essentially serves as trunk space. Rhoades Cars have been used effectively as advertising agents when equipped with a rotating sign.

A range of options can be installed on these bad boys. For instance the deluxe seats that are cushy to the tooshie, and of course our personal favorite the PD-750 which is a 24 volt 750 watt power drive motor assist. The motor assist is designed to give continuous pedal assistance of up to 18 mph. Depending on the battery pack chosen it will give you a range of 30 to 60 miles. Not to worry if you run out of batteries though, the motor is chain driven via a freewheel to the rear axle. This means that the bike can be used with or without the motor. An onboard charger is included with the motor option for ease of use. The GoBoy for instance can be fitted with a flatbed or ladder rack for a working environment that requires deliveries of any sort. Another popular option is the two passenger minibus cab to carry friends or customers from place to place. The list goes on and on with these options. It seems that Rhoades covered every corner.

The bikes are straight geared meaning that they come with a single speed, 6 or 36 speed options are available for those speed daemons out there. That being said we would recommend the speed options since Rhoades without the motor option are actually legal to drive on streets in most states. The Rhoades Car follows the same rules as bikes. Keep in mind if you are considering the four passenger model that the two individuals in the back will only be there for a free ride as there are no pedals for them to help you chug along the way.

Enough about the bike though, just imagine the amount of fun you can have driving it around town with your friends and family. You can even to start up a business or use it in your existing business.

The Rhoades cars range from $1,200.00 to about $2,500.00 plus any extra features you may want to add. For more information or to purchase one for yourself visit Rhoades Cars Website.

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auto parts Posted Aug 31, 2009
Though the Rhoades Car drives like an ordinary car, it still looks more like an unfinished antique car than a 4-wheel bike.
Richard Nielson Posted Sep 23, 2010
I would appreciate it if someone who owns and uses a 4W4P (4 wheel 4 passenger) Rhoades Car could share their opinion on whether the PD-750 motor assist is necessary for a 42-speed Rhoades Car powered by 1 person (a type 2 diabetic, who upon occasion, with exertion, experiences sudden drops in his blood glucose, causing him to get very weak and nearly pass out) and driven, most of the time, on paved streets or gravel roads up and down moderate (20 to 30 degree) to steep (45 to 60 degree) inclines , and, if so, what type of 12 volt batteries they found were available (according to amp hour ratings) and that they would recommend for a 4W4P Rhoades Car for 4 adult passengers, with all of the available options: upgrade to blackwall tires, with Kevlar liners and thorn-proof tubes, dual disc brakes with positive traction, 42-speed gearing, 4 deluxe seats with 2 pairs of arm rests and 4 seat belts, cargo box for the two 12-volt batteries, battery charger and associated electronic controls, canopy, 2 head lights and 2 tail lights, speedometer, mirror, handlebar steering column, passenger side support, accessory bar running between the steering column and the passenger side support column for mounting either the 2 head lights or a second pair of head lights (as a back-up), and 4 fenders. \r\n\r\nOr, would you consider the extra combined weight of the vehicle and 4 adult passengers approaching 1000 lb. to be too difficult to pedal, even on level surfaces, with the just the 42-speed gearing option?\r\n\r\nWould it be unrealistic even to try to pedal the 4W2P (4 wheel 2 passenger) or the 4W2PLF (4 wheel 2 passenger long-frame) Rhoades Car up and down such terrain with just the 42-speed gearing option? \r\n\r\nI am in the process of deciding what the realistic number of adult passengers is for such terrain, and whether the PD-750 is necessary when one has the 42-speed gearing option. I have a friend with multiple sclerosis, who I believe would really enjoy going for a ride. \r\n\r\nI need exercise to help control my blood glucose level, and would prefer that, with the 42-speed geariing option, I would not need to use or even need to order the PD-750. I would appreciate the advice from Rhoades Car owners.\r\n\r\nI am planning that I would be able to use my Rhoades Car to get my groceries, and be able to use it as much as possible to get some low-impact exercise. Being able to carry a passenger or bring along my 2 cats would enhance the time spent driving my Rhoades Car.
Richard Nielson Posted Oct 21, 2010
From your experience, how much of an incline is one person able to climb, just pedaling, using the 42-speed gearing option? I would appreciate your input whether you are the owner of a 4W1P, 4W2PCP, 4W2PLF, or a 4W4P Rhoades Car.
Robert Barnett Posted Nov 8, 2010
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