Lowepro - SlingShot 200 AW Review

Lowepro - SlingShot 200 AW Review
So you are probably reading this because you just bought yourself a fancy DSLR camera and are looking for a good home for it.

You probably want a bag that will hold your camera along with those fancy telephoto lens (or glass as the pros call it), your hot shoot flash, polarized filter, uv filter, memory cards, and other small equipment you might need for work, photojournalism or just a hobby.

We are proud to suggest the SlingShot 200 AW. This camera bag is sure to meet or even exceed all your needs. The SlingShot easily fits your DSLR with mid-range zoom lens attached, and up to four additional lenses depending on their size. The camera bag is equipped with 2 pockets for storing various articles.There is also a built-in memory card pouch, and micro fiber LCD cloth to make sure you have no dust on your lenses when you begin to shoot.

Photographers usually need to be very close to the camera to capture that perfect shot and this bag allows for the quickest response time. It wears like a backpack and feels really nice and comfortable when you put it on. The SlingShot allows access to the camera with just a swing giving it's owner quick access. It features safety latches so that the camera won't accidentally slip off while you are opening the bag.

Lowepro is known for padding their bags really well, the SlingShot 200 doesn't fall short.

One of our favorite features was the All Weather guard, hence the AW in the name. It is basically a raincoat for your bag. It extracts from the bottom of the bag and covers it completely helping you to safeguard your equipment when nature calls.

All in all, we really couldn't find any flaws in the design of the SlingShot and were very pleased overall. For those getting into the hobby we would also recommend the Lowepro SlingShot 100 which is a bit smaller but still has all the features of its big brother. There is also a SlingShot 300 AW Model with a maximum load capacity of a PRO SLR with attached 70-200 mm f/2.8 lens, 5-6 extra lenses, and a flash unit.

For about $89 this bag covers all the basics and more.

We found one of the best prices at Adorama our favorite place to get camera equipment. They offer great prices ship quickly and have been around for quite some time. Another place that comes highly recommended is B&H Photo. They too have competitive prices and are well known among photographers of all kind.

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