Since living in a big city makes most of the stars fade away, I had forgotten about the dramatic theater above our heads. My cruise to the Caribbean reminded me of what I've been missing. I ran to the ship's library on my second night and picked up an astronomy book so I could identify the constellations. It was one of the most memorable events in that cruise. I only wished I had a telescope then.

I did some research for a beginner stargazer like myself and found the Bushnell 420x3" ALT-AZ Reflector Telescope 789669. It has all some cool features like, a Barlow lens, adjustable tripod with an accessory tray, a pinion focuser and even a built-in image erector for daytime viewing. If you are scratching your head, I didn't even know what that was either a few weeks ago, but it basically means this telescope has excellent features for a fair price -- only $80.

I encourage anyone with kids (or a kid's imagination) to go far away from civilization and stargaze.

Found at Optics Planet.

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