Ooma Phone System

Ooma Phone System
In my house my wife and I have been trying to cut down on the basic stuff for the arrival of our new baby girl. One of the more needlessly expensive services we pay for, is our phone service. I spent hours researching how to lower that phone bill and the only real alternatives were voice over IP (VOIP) phone services. Though lower than a regular landline it still left me with a monthly bill.

Through some more digging around, I found the Ooma phone system. It is basically a voice over IP device, but unlike other voip services, you only pay for the device once. For as long as the Ooma phone system works, you don't pay a dime for phone service. In other words, our phone bill went from $50 (after taxes) to zero. In 4.5 months of owning the device, it will pay for itself. After that, it is a free ride. I hope to have a full review for you in the near future.

Found the Ooma phone system for $203.99 at Amazon.

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mclovin Posted Mar 25, 2009
Have it. Love it.

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