ARC Shower Bar Review

ARC Shower Bar Review
This past week Urban Lime was out on a business trip hunting down cool products for future reviews. We stayed at a hotel that had one of the Arcs & Angles shower rods and we couldn't believe that we had missed this product in the past. It's little things like this that pass you by and you take for granted.

I am one of those people who despise small showers, specially if they are equipped with shower curtains because I hate the feel of a plastic sticking to me. This product solves both of my problems with a simple solution: a new curved curtain shower rod.

This rod makes the shower curtain extend past the tub in order to give your upper body extra room (about 30% more) than conventional shower curtains. This extra room allows you to keep a safe distance from the shower curtain, giving you the feel of a larger shower and the comfort of not having the curtain stick to your body while you are showering.

Arcs & Angles shower curtains come in standard 60" or 72" rods, but don't let the sizes deter you. The rods can be installed in virtually any size shower since they can be cut to size. They come in chrome for a shiny finish and stainless steel for a brushed finish. The bars are made of aircraft aluminum so it will never rusts.

Simply stated, the ARC Shower Bar is amazing.

Get yours at Amazon
Manufacturer: Arcs & Angles

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Sherry Posted Jun 5, 2010
I saw it in a hotel as well, and I trying to buy one. Neither Amazon nor Arcs and Angles will ship to Canada. Do you know how to get the Arc shower rod in Canada. Or online that will ship to Canada. Thanks.
The Urban Lime Posted Jun 14, 2010

We are unaware of anyone who will ship to Canada sorry for the inconvenience. You might want to call Arcs and Angels and see if they have a distributor that will ship to Canada. Here is their number 877-910-2243. Otherwise we have seen a similar shower bar at the local bed bath and beyond that might suite your needs if you have one near by.
shower enclosure Posted Dec 15, 2010
Thanks for sharing this amazing ARC Shower Bar. I like it and want to get one.
Jason Posted Sep 23, 2014
Sherry did you have any luck getting just one and shipped to canada? I am having the same issue.
Blu Posted Oct 6, 2014
Sherry & Jason.... I have the answer to both of your questions. After 2 days of searching the web and calling countless distributors there are 2 options for anyone in Canada looking to buy The Arc Curved Shower Curtain Bar. You need to call True North Hospitality in Sarnia Ontario at 1-800-663-7913. They will sell a single unit for around $27.00 and charge you a $30 handling fee plus a shipping charge (total cost for me was around $80.00+/- to ship just outside Edmonton Alberta). The other option is to buy from Winsham in Edmonton 780-469-2342. Winsham has a minimum order out of $100.00 or they will not sell it to you. So you either pay $100.00 for 1 unit or buy a few units to make that $100.00 minimum charge. Winsham was also very hesitant in selling to the public.
Valentina Posted Apr 13, 2015
I called True North Hospitality in Sarnia, Ontario and they only sell the rod in sets of 12.

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