Nikon SB 600 Speedlight Review

Nikon SB 600 Speedlight Review
The Nikon SB-600 Speedlight Flash for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras are nothing new, they've actually been around for years, but they are such a great tool for photographers, we decided to review them for 'ya.

We want to bring to light (hehe!) the fact that our studio product photographers keep buggin' us to review this speedlight because they love them so darn much. Our studio crew owns two of these SB-600 Speedlights and they do wonders with them.

This Nikon Speedlight is the answer to most lighting problems you would find when trying to flash a group of people. You pop it in to your hot-shoe (that little slot on top of your camera) and you are done. It is an easy step for a flash so powerful. Nikon has really put some thought into their speedlights. The flash can be triggered remotely by using the on-board pop-up flash. Nikon calls this the Nikon Creative Lighting System (CLS). Take note though, this feature is only available in their mid range to high end DSLRs, though it is known to work with some of the higher end Coolpix cameras as well with the use of some extra accessories.

The flash will work in TTL mode (adjust the flash according to what the camera sees "Through The Lens") and for the more advanced users it can be set to manual mode allowing the user to set the power of the flash in increments.

If you are not that serious into photography and are looking for a fancy flash for your DSLR don't waste your money on the SB-900, it will cost you twice as much for more power than you will probably need. I also wouldn't go for the SB-400 just because it is a minuscule step from the pop-up flash. The SB-400 also doesn't let you bounce light from the ceiling or walls which is one of the best advantages of these external flashes. In all, the Nikon SB-600 falls right in between and it is therefore the one we would recommend.

TIP: Flashes keep a great resale value so, don't be shy to put them on eBay when you want to move up. You can't lose (at least not that much).

- Good construction
- Excellent flash unit delivers what it promises
- Good battery life
- Wireless capabilities

- Expensive
- As far as we can tell it can't be used as a slave for point and shoot cameras like its bigger brother the SB 900 can.

- One SB 600 Speedlight
- 1 Stand for the Speedlight
- User Manual / Warranty papers
- Pouch



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Nikon SB 600 Posted Aug 20, 2010
SB 600 is the best flash of nikon. it has no comparison over cost and the quality of photos.
staven Posted Jun 13, 2017
thanks for you

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