Bamboo Duo Stylus Pen Review

Bamboo Duo Stylus Pen Review
If you are looking for a good quality stylus and pen combination, your search is over. We gave the Bamboo Duo stylus a try and were very happy with the results. The duo is a nice looking pen stylus combo, it has a nice solid feel to it and writes well on both sides. The pen is a fine tip black ink cartridge that is refillable.

The Bamboo Duo is about average thickness of a pen and also has an average length so you wont feel awkward holding this little guy. The stylus side of the duo is very accurate on the iPad 3 that we tested and also works well on iPhone devices although we didn't really think it was very useful on such a small screen. We tried notability, bamboo, and paper apps and are excited to report that this stylus was very responsive and allowed for great control and accuracy. We loved the preciseness we archived while using the stylus. The stylus tip can also be interchanged if necessary so you will never have to throw this stylus away. One thing to note is that since the stylus side of the tip is not protected, dropping it will more than likely cause you to dent the metal casing that goes around the stylus tip. (Unfortunately we dropped our and dented it but we are still happy with the results.)

- Sturdy construction
- Refillable ink
- Replaceable stylus tip
- Offered in various colors
- Works on most screens

- Pricey (They often go for half price on Amazon)
- The stylus tip does not have a protective cover

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fireextinguish3 Posted Apr 29, 2013
The TruGlide Duo, as mentioned before, has both a stylus end and a ballpoint pen end. A solid metal butt connects the two ends and a individual metal pen cap can attach to either end. With the pen cap over the stylus end, the TruGlide is duplicate from a archetypal metal ballpoint pen. It comes in either atramentous or argent finishes, with chrome accents at both ends and on the pen cap. At 5.8 inches continued and 0.9 ounces, the TruGlide Duo has a nice abundant feel to it. Unfortunately, the antithesis tends to skew appear whichever end the pen cap is absorbed to. Removing the cap provides a far added counterbalanced feel and autograph experience.

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