Mothers Clay Bar Review

Mothers Clay Bar Review
Here at the Lime we have a 2007 Honda Accord that is usually parked under a tree and is never garaged. Being that the car is always exposed to the elements it shows signs of paint wear and the owner wanted to try to see if we can repair some of the damage created by time and obviously share the results with you. Various car washes were used and although the car washes did good to clean the car, they rareley removed any of what semed to be tree sap or dry bug splat from the car. After reading many forums and looking for for products that could potentilally improve the look of the paint we read about clay bars.

We took a short drive to a local auto parts store and found a box of Mothers Clay Bar on sale. Since none of us at the office had ever used such a product we thoguht we would give this one a shot since it was the cheapest and none of the forums tended to name any brand better than any other.

We washed the car one more time to prep it for its first claying and went at it. After just a few seconds of applying the showtime instant detailer and rubbing the clay bar on the car, we really couldn't believe our eyes. It was such an amazing improvment that we had to show it to you. All of these pictures were taken by our in-house photographer with a Nikon D300. None of the images were modified but only reduced the size for easy viewing.

The first shot here is the before. This was after washing the car and please keep in mind that this is a close up of the paint. Notice the pits that are on the paint. These pits if left alone are what cause your paint to rust according to many reviews that we read. (We are by no means paint experts). You can see here how badly the paint has been neglected and in need of just a little TLC.

Mothers Clay Bar

The second shot shows the difference after just one pass of the clay bar. Keep in mind again that this is a zoomed in picture.

Mothers Clay Bar

This third shot shows some more improvment after a second and final pass. Lookincg closley you can notice that there are still some imperfections but these are miniscule compared to what existed prior to the bar.

Mothers Clay Bar

Finally this is another shot focusing on the reflection. We tried to mimic what your eye would see and you can tell that the finish is amazing. Not only does it look like a million bucks but the feeling is amazing. The bar leaves the paint silky smooth to the touch.

Mothers Clay Bar

The Good
- Easy to apply
- This specific kit comes with eveythingy you need in the box. (Bar, Detailing Spray, and towel)
- Amazing results with little work
- Outperforms any car wash we tried.

The Bad
- It's a little expensive (We got lucky and caught it on sale)
- The clay bar doesn't last forever. By the time we were done with the car we had gone through one full bar and half the spray. (The results were amazing however)

We were very impressed by the results and would recommend this product to our fans. Go ahead and give Mothers Clay Bar a try, we are sure that you will be impressed if you have never used a clay bar before. You can get your very own on Amazon.

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