Zooz Z-Wave Plus Dimmer Light Switch Review

Zooz Z-Wave Plus Dimmer Light Switch Review
The ZEN22 by Zooz can be used as a regular switch as well as used in a 3 way configuration. Like any other switch the Zooz dimmer switch allows you to turn on,off or change brightness levels on loads attached to it. Pairing it with your favorite hub the Zooz dimmer switch uses Z-Wave Plus technology which allows you to control and monitor your lights via your smart phone or computer. The convenience is unparalleled to just having a plain old switch. Just imagine brightening the lights to a dim hue in the hallway automatically when you get up to light your way in the middle of the night. Turning on lights as you open your front door so that you don’t come home to a dark house, or just dimming the lights to watch a romantic movie with the wife while never leaving the couch.

This switch is equipped with the newer Z-Wave Plus 500 series chip that allows for lower power consumption while also being more reliable than its predecessors. The Zen22 also acts as a repeater strengthening your Z-Wave mesh network making it and every z-wave device around it more reliable. The Zooz ZEN22 is built well and feels like a solid product. The switch features a blue LED that lights up at night allowing you to easily locate the switch when it is dark. The paddle on the switch also has the Zooz logo printed on it in a light gray.

The inclusion of the device to our Vera hub was fairly straightforward but note that it will work with any smart home hub so long as it speaks Z-Wave. Once your hub is in inclusion mode, you tap the upper half of the paddle three times quickly and the new dimmer will appear on your hub shortly after. The Switch features an air-gap switch for added safety in the event that you need to remove power from the switch temporarily.

This dimmer like most others, requires a neutral wire at the location of installation as this is used to keep the switch on while the load is off. If you do not have one , you will need to get a licensed electrician to install one. Your switch will require the Neutral, Load, Line and Ground when used in a regular installation, the traveler is introduced when used in a 3-way setup. The switch only comes with the installed color paddle in white so you wont be able to change the color if needed. When comparing it to different brands like the popular GE Smart Dimmer for instance, this is a good buy as the cost is usually lower and it offers the same functionality. There is also another advantage to the Zooz switches over its competitors in that it does not require a Z-Wave enabled slave switch, and can be used with a regular toggle switch. This means that you get to save all that extra cash and use the existing switch.

The one gotcha with this setup is that when you are using that toggle switch in a hallway for instance you will only be able to dim from the side that has the z-wave Zooz switch installed. Other manufacturers will have a slave switch that will allow the dimming feature but they wont be compatible with the Zooz. From the regular switch, you will only be able to turn the light on and off. When used in a 3-way configuration, the slave switch does not need to be a 3-way switch. You can use any regular switch you have lying around.

The manual is written well and is very easy to understand. It features large diagrams that are labeled well. Zooz also offers alternate diagrams for different setups on their website http://www.getzooz.com. Please note that if you are not comfortable with electricity or have any questions about your wiring , you should consult an electrician as three way setups can be tricky to master.

The switch works with LED, Compact fluorescent, and incandescent bulbs. If you are going to be using it with LED’s please note that Zooz states the device functions on loads of greater than 20 Watts which can be rather high for some LED bulbs. If your switch controls various LED bulbs in a hallway, this probably won’t be an issue but you may want to look into it. If the load is lower than 20 Watts it may work but will shorten the life of the switch.

We were surprised by the quality and build of the switch and impressed by its performance. The switches retail for $32.95 at the moment of this writing which is cheaper than most switches in the market today. The fact that you no longer need an add on switch sweetens the deal a bit more. It is important to note however that you wont be able to dim from the end with a regular switch.

Get your very own Zooz Z-Wave Dimmer Switch at www.thesmartesthouse.com

Manufacturer website: http://www.getzooz.com

-Model Number: ZEN22 VER. 2.0
-Z-Wave Frequency: 908.42 MHz (US)
-Power: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
-Maximum Loads: 500W Single-gang, 400W Double-gang, -300W Triple-gang Incandescent, 150W CFL or LED
-Wireless Range: Up to 100 feet line of sight
-Operating Temperature: 32-104° F (0-40° C)
-Installation and Use: Indoor only

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