Wyze Cam

Wyze Cam
Looking for a quality camera that won't break the bank to secure your home? Then look no further as the Wyze cams may be your solution. The camera works off of a wifi connection so there is no video recorder or other hardware to purchase. Simply download the Wyze App and you are on your way to a delightful experience. It's video streams are encrypted via AES 128-bit encryption so you can feel confident that it will be safe. You have options for recording in HD 1080p, SD 720p, or 360p for your recordings and streaming. The higher the resolution the better quality picture however it will take up more bandwidth on your network. Night Vision is also a standard feature on all Wyze cams as they have a built-in infrared light which allows for taking videos at night. The Cams also work with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. In our case, we tried the video feed with an echo show 8 but had a bit of buffering going on. The video on the app was perfect so it might have been an issue with Amazon but we were not able to determine the cause.

The App allows you to manually record a video or take a picture from the Live Stream and saves it directly onto your phone. This is a neat feature that allows you to view, send, or share through the Album in the Wyze app or your phone’s gallery to any of your contacts or from within other applications. The app also allows you to communicate via the camera's two-way audio, it allows you to hear what is going on as well as speak through it to someone on the other side. Via the app, you can also pinch your way through the video or images taking advantage of an 8x Digital Zoom to get closer to the action.

The event recording can be set on schedules, or triggered by detecting Motion and/or Sound. You can choose between all day or a scheduled start and end time with the event recording schedule. Motion is detected by comparing pixels in one frame with another, the Wyze app lets you set the sensitivity of your Wyze Cam. Motion Tagging can be enabled or disabled and will show a green box around anything considered motion. You can even set a detection zone to isolate an area that you may not want to trigger such as a ceiling fan.

A free service is included with the purchase of each Wyze cam that submits a 12-second video to the AWS cloud when the Wyze Cam detects motion or sound. These videos can be viewed for up to 14 days through the Wyze app and are automatically deleted.

Wyze Cams also offers a micro SD card slot to allow for continuous recording or event only recording. The continuous footage will continue recording until space has been exhausted at which point it will overwrite the oldest file and keep recording. Event recordings are smaller files that only record when there is motion but are not limited to 12 seconds.

If you decide to disable the camera for whatever reason, you can do it remotely via the app as it features an On / Off button.

As an added bonus, firmware can also be installed that allows RTSP support giving you the flexibility to add these cameras to your own NVR systems such as Blue Iris, Zoneminder or any off the shelf DVR / NVR solution that allows RTSP streams. You can find the details on the Wyze support page here.. We were able to test video on Zoneminder via the RTSP stream and it works better than expected to allow us to record events locally without going to the web.

If you want to store your complete video footage on the cloud, Wyze also offers that service for $1.49 /month for each Wyze Cam you’d like to enable at the moment.

The Good
- The price can't be beat at $25.00 for Wyze Cam V2 - WYZEC2 or $34.99 for Wyze Cam Pan - WYZECP1
- Loaded with features
- Great picture quality
- Small footprint on the Wyze cam V2, even the PAN version isn't that big, it's about twice as tall as the Cam V2
- RTSP support
- PAN version includes Pan Tilt functionality that works really well
- Multiple colors are available on the Wyze Cam. White, Black (Limited Edition) and Green (Limited Edition)
- Can pay a service to increase footage to longer than 12 seconds on AWS

The Bad
- No Power Over Ethernet (POE) feature
- 12-second video limit on AWS cloud (The Free Stuff)
- Only suggested for indoors (Enclosures exist to allow outdoor use. Check them out on Amazon
- RTSP support is not on the main software track so you will not get any new features. We, however, gave this a try and do not see any features missing

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